1. Focus on health, not productivity tricks

    2023-05-10 10:50:04 UTC
    For the first time in a long time, my brain feels like it’s actually working as intended. If I tell myself I need to buy toothpaste tomorrow, tomorrow comes, and I can recall that I need to buy toothpaste. Little things don’t seem to fall through the cracks anymore and…

  2. Advice I’ve gotten from other game devs

    2023-04-22 12:47:25 UTC
    I’m a bit shameless when it comes to reaching out to people over email or twitter and hoping for a reply. I often don’t get a response but when I do, it’s usually exactly the thing I needed to push past whatever I’m stuck on There is a big difference…

  3. Methods for onboarding players

    2022-07-28 15:49:09 UTC
    A common pitfall when trying to teach a game is for designers to create a rules page with a huge wall of text. The problem is that players haven’t even played the game yet and you’re asking them for too much before they even know what the game is like…

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