1. Methods for Onboarding Players

    28 Jul 2022
    A common pitfall when trying to teach a game is for designers to create a rules page with a huge wall of text. The problem is that players haven’t even played the game yet and you’re asking them for too much before they even know what the game is like…

  2. Ludum Dare 50 Retrospective

    27 Apr 2022
    Since my first ever game jam roughly 3 years ago, I’ve learned a lot. And yet, things still don’t seem to be getting much easier. Shouldn’t they be getting easier This post is both a retrospective for my most recent Ludum Dare I participated in, as well as some things…

  3. Making a TEXT-MODE Game

    24 Mar 2022
    In the beginning of this month, I participated in my first 7-day rogue-like jam (7DRL for short) and released Echo Chamber, a turn-based game where you combo different spells while traversing a dungeon. Mafgar assisted with all things audio and I used a tile set called mrmotext by Mrmo Tarius…

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