1. Ludum Dare 50 retrospective

    2022-04-27 10:27:54 UTC
    Since my first ever game jam roughly 3 years ago, I’ve learned a lot. And yet, things still don’t seem to be getting much easier. Shouldn’t they be getting easier This post is both a retrospective for my most recent Ludum Dare I participated in, as well as some things…

  2. Making a TEXT-MODE game

    2022-03-24 20:42:57 UTC
    In the beginning of this month, I participated in my first 7-day rogue-like jam (7DRL for short) and released Echo Chamber, a turn-based game where you combo different spells while traversing a dungeon. Mafgar assisted with all things audio and I used a tile set called mrmotext by Mrmo Tarius…

  3. Pixel art journey

    2022-03-03 00:48:46 UTC
    I’m frustrated with being mediocre at art and depending on others. If I’m going to be successful as a game developer and jack-of-all-trades kind of guy, I need to improve my art skills. That’s why this month, art was my primary focus. These are some of the pieces I’m most…

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